slocums mammoth building

name explanation:

Seeking a real life adventurer and colorful historical character, in 1976 we named our first restaurant Josh Slocums Restaurant, located on the bayfront in Newport Beach, after Capt. Joshua Slocums. On April 24th, 1895, at the age of 51, Slocums departed Boston in his tiny 24' sloop SPRAY and sailed around the world single-handed, a passage of 46,000 miles, returning to Newport, Rhode Island on June 27th 1898. This historic achievement made him a hero to small boat voyagers and adventurers all around the world.

The name stuck for restaurant #2 which opened in Mammoth in 1983, and was eventually shortened to just "SLOCUMS" Grill & Bar. Even ex NBA player Dennis Rodman retained the name during his tenure as a SLOCUMS-Newport owner, another very colorful figure to be sure.


Cindy & Tommy Avena, Mammoth Lakes / hands-on operators since opening Jan. 1983
Joe & Teree Minney, Paso Robles & Nipomo / our awesome partners